“Godfather” Singer Al Martino Dies at 82

Singer Al Martino, known for the songs “Spanish Eyes,” and “Volare,” but best known to movie fans as “Godfather” singer Johnny Fontaine has died at age 82.

Fonatine was the singer who came to visit Don Corleone during the wedding that opens the first movie, asking for Corleone’s help in giving him a movie career.  In one of the best lines of the series, Corleone grabs him and tells him, “you can act like a man.”  Martino reprised the role in “Godfather III.”

Martino’s “Spanish Eyes,” was reportedly one of the 50 most played songs worldwide.  Martino continued to perform in Europe, even as his popularity slipped in the US.  He died in Pennsylvania.  He was 82 years old.

Godfather? Blu-Ray?

DVD news site The Digital Bits had a link up this morning to a site called Blocks & Files.  The article is all about storage and media and is kinda boring.  However, there’s one interesting paragraph.  Here’s an exerpt:

The beautifully restored Godfather trilogy will be re-released in September, prompting, no doubt, hundreds of thousands of DVD sales and, hopefully, Blu-ray disk sales as well. Only with Blu-ray will the full richness of tone and detail in Coppola’s masterpiece transfer to home screens. Perhaps this will be the Blu-ray offer that home movie screen viewers cannot refuse.

Really?  September?  I cannot wait.  Read the whole article here.