007’s Nemesis Blofield to Return

British Tabloids are reporting that James Bond’s nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofield will be returning to take on 007 in the next film. Blofield was the head of SPECTRE, the criminal organization that was the focus of the Sean Connery films, and was played by Donald Pleasance, and later by Telly Savalas, and Charles Grey.

The actor in talks to possible enter Blofield’s shoes is ‘Frost/Nixon’ star Michael Sheen. Daniel Craig is still signed on to continue playing James Bond, and might I add, playing quite well.

Review: Frost/Nixon

Review: Frost/Nixon


Recreating events from recently past history in a film is a tricky business.  If part of your audience remembers the event, the concern is that they’ll be looking at the details and not the overall story.  When your film is about a former president, the scrutiny is that much greater.
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Michael Sheen Joins Latest “Twilight” Cast

Michael Sheen, best known for playing David Frost in “Frost/Nixon,” and Tony Blair in “The Queen,” has signed on to “New Moon,” the second film in the popular “Twilight” series.

Sheen, (who also appeared in the “Underworld,” films,) will play Aro, leader of Volturi.  (I have no idea what that sentence means.)  Sheen was reportedly actively persued by director Chris Weitz, who wanted Sheen for the “gravitas,” that he will bring to the film.