Film Review: Zero Dark Thirty

Film Review: Zero Dark Thirty

When Kathryn Bigelow announced that her follow up to “The Hurt Locker” was a film about the hunt for bin Laden, I was a bit concerned. While a manhunt has a different feel than a war film, I was worried that the two films would draw a lot of comparisons. While I enjoyed “The Hurt Locker,” [Read Sam’s Review of The Hurt Locker Here] the movie dealt with the psychological aspects of combat rather than portraying an accurate story of the Iraq war. This is not the case with “Zero Dark Thirty“: Bigelow and Mark Boal set out to tell (as accurately as they could) the story of the hunt for bin Laden.

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Clooney and Sorkin Considering Teaming Up

Aaron Sorkin, (he of “The American President,” “The West Wing,” and “A Few Good Men,”) has adapted Jonathan Mahler’s book, “The Challenge: Hamdan vs. Rumsfeld.”  The story is about the Navy lawyer representing Osama bin Laden’s driver, who was imprisoned at Gitmo for over five years.

According to Variety, George Clooney is interested in playing the lawyer and also directing the project.

This sounds, to me, like the perfect combo.  If you will recall, “A Few Good Men,” was about a Navy lawyer investigating an attack at a Guantanamo Bay base.  Clooney seems to be at his best when he’s working with political material.  (“Good Night and Good Luck,” is the kind of movie that holds up to multiple viewings.  Ask me how I know…)  Hopefully this one will come true.  I’m very interested in seeing the results.  -Sam