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One to Watch: Blake Lively

This past summer, at a preview screening of Superbad, an actress caught my eye. She first appears when Jules (the apple of Seth’s eye in the film) is asking Seth what sorts of alcohol to buy for her party. There’s a girl to the right of Jules, who for part of the conversation is playing on her sidekick, laughing about something, and then, proceeds to ask for Kyle’s Killer Lemonade. This whole scene, my eyes were traced on this girl, who is this girl? Blake Lively.

Little did I know, my baby Cousin would have known her as one of the stars of The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, and if I’d seen Accepted (which I caught on TV last night, inspiring me to write this article), I would have known this girl wanting Kyle’s Killer Lemonade was more then just a featured extra.

Initially looking to go to Stanford University, she found herself attending auditions at the insistence of her brother. These trips to auditions got her a starring role in The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. She can be found these days on CW’s Gossip Girl to some decent reviews.

With a few more good roles in some big films, Blake Lively has a promising future, all I know is, I’d gladly buy her Kyle’s Killer Lemonade, anytime.

*UPDATE* I swear when I first looked up Blake Lively she was credited as the girl in Superbad, apparently, I’m wrong, however, this site also credits Blake Lively as the Kyle’s Killer Lemonade girl. Either way, Blake Lively still rules.  The girl who asked for Kyle’s Killer Lemonade is none other then actress Laura Seay, mystery solved.

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  1. It’s not Blake Lively, she looks similar and sounds just like her, but it’s not. Lively is taller than whoever that girl is.

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