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News: Netflix Goes Blu-Ray

As a self-confessed proponent of the HD-DVD format, it pains me to announce that Netflix has decided that it too will follow suit by phasing out HD-DVD titles. They no longer will be picking up new HD-DVD titles, and by the end of the year, drop them completely.

Granted, I only paid $100 bucks for my HD-DVD player add-on to my Xbox 360, and I do use it as my main standard def dvd player in addition, I’m not completely screwed (like folks who spent a few hundred bucks), but I’m definitely feeling like the war is over.

If you need me, I’ll be buying a PS3 at Best Buy.


One thought on “News: Netflix Goes Blu-Ray

  1. Vatche- I welcome you to the future. On your way out the HD door, could you ask Paramount to get with the program? I’m dying for the Blu-ray director’s cut of ‘Zodiac.’

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