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Replacing Heath Ledger

So there have been many rumours abound as to what would happen to the final Heath Ledger film by Terry Gilliam entitled: The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. Apparently, he had shot so much footage in the film, that it would have been a major waste of money and talent to just scrap it. There had been whispers in the air that he would either be repleaced by CG (yeeccchh) or that other actors would come in and fill the spot and sort of transform into him. The story says that Heath jumps through magic mirrors, so why would it be so unbelievable that he would become other people?


Well apparently 3 actors have just announded that they are stepping up into the role.

Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell.

Personally I enjoy all three of these actors and I think that a nice challenge and tribute in this film would be a great career move…and besides, everyone should be kind to Terry Gilliam. The man is an amazing filmmaker who just cannot ever get cut a break. It must suck to be cursed…so do your part and slap down your money for this. You’ll be supporting a great director and getting to see Ledger’s final film.

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