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David Fincher Signs on to ‘Black Hole’

Tell me what you think of this premise, its the late 70s, and a bunch of middle classed teenagers contracts an STD called “the bug,” and turns them into social outcasts. This is the subject of David Fincher’s next film.

He has signed on to direct an adaptation of Charles Burns’ graphic novel, Black Hole. I claim complete ignorance to the comic so I can’t really comment on the potential of this, but I trust David Fincher to be picking a good follow-up to Zodiac. His next film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is awaiting release by Paramount.

One thought on “David Fincher Signs on to ‘Black Hole’

  1. I, for one, will watch anything Fincher makes at least once. In the case of Fight Club, Zodiac and Se7en, at least once a month. So I’m all for this. From what I’ve read about this story, it seems to have enough room for Fincher to be the disturbing, detail-oriented, misfit loving director we all know and love.

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