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Spirit Awards Love Earth

The 2008 Spirit Awards are going green and they want you to know it. They hired Tim Allyn, a leading environmentalist, to make the event more eco-friendly. I assume this is eco-friendly after eveyone flies in, drives to the theater, eats food that was shipped in, dresses up in their fancy clothes (most of which produce a lot of waste and take a lot of energy to make), and pretty much do everythin in excess and not so much eco-friendly. I am all for being green (I hug dolphins every day and carry my car around instead of driving it), but not so much the green that Hollywood does which is: drive a Prius, use LED lightbulbs and then pat themselves on the back. I am pretty sure the conversation between Tim Allyn and Diana Zahn-Storey, the Spirit Award’s producer, was as follows:

Tim – If you really want to be environmental just bungle out an email to the winners and not have the event.
Diana – But then nobody would see us.
Tim – It’s the most environmental way to do it.
Diana – How about we use recycled paper and wear pins with trees on them?
Tim – I quit.

Again, I am all for environmental, but not so much the Hollywood version. Although their version of talking robots from outerspace is totally rad! I like robots.

– Brandin

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