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‘Signal’ Received

Signal PosterSo there’s a new horror-comedy that came out in limited release on Friday, 2/22, called ‘The Signal’. The story is told from three different perspectives, each filmed by a different director who remained unaware of the approaches the other directors were taking. The story is about a signal that comes through all forms of media, TV, cell phones, radios and causes people to kill. Well, two people were stabbed during a showing of the film in Fullerton, CA at an AMC Theater. You can read the whole article here on MSNBC. And they say TV doesn’t affect kids.

I highly doubt that while watching the film the assaulter felt inspired to stab the hapless victims, but I anxiously await the fallout of this. If the MPAA made Indy lose some guns I can’t imagine what they’ll do with this film if the story picks up any steam.

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