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Bourne Again!

Jason Bourne is coming back to kick some tush. I am a huge fan of the series and with the shakey hand of Paul Greengrass directing, I am pumped for this installment. I like to think of myself as a Jason Bourne type. Like him I have been voted sexiest man alive, can take on secret government agencies, and know 37 deadly fighting styles. The place where we veer is that while I am the toughest man in history, I can also be as sweet as a lamb holding a panda bear wearing a top hat and dinner jacket.

Here is the full story for the ‘Bourne Confrontation‘. OK I totally made up that title, but I think it works. If this is the movie title then I should be crowned King Awesome. I already have a crown I made that we can use. It is made out of a shoe box and glitter. So much glitter.


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