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Perez Hilton to head record label?

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has a deal in the works with Warner Bros. Records that would provide him with his own imprint. Amidst blogs of the latest Hollywood trash, Perez often features and posts MP3’s or videos of an artist he recommends. Recent studies have found a correlation between a band’s blog buzz and an increase in album sales. With perezhilton.com attracting 2.8 million viewers a month, according to ComScore Media Metrixi, it’s no wonder Warner has chosen to use Perez to capitalize on this blog buzz. But, after a deal with Warner, will Perez remain subjective in his music recommendations?

A blogger turned A&R exec sound familiar? In 2005, Sarah Lewittin, aka Ultragrrrl, was given the opportunity to head her label, Stolen Transmission, as an imprint off Island Def Jam. The imprint, including its roster and staff was dropped from IDJ in December. Lewittin still runs Stolen Transmission as an indie label focusing on developing their acts. Maybe Perez will have better luck with the majors?
Read more about Perez Hilton’s deal with Warner Bros. in this NY Times article.

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