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‘Get Smart’ Gets Stupid

See how I toyed with that title? I’m a wordsmith. I’m like Shakespeare and Snoop Dogg combined into one colossal literary genius. Another trailer for ‘Get Smart’ has been unleashed without my consent. How does Steve Carell, playing Maxwell Smart, keep fooling people into thinking he is funny? He is the dad that nobody finds funny and whose kids are embarrassed by his lame attempts at humor and his wife divorces him and he ends up eating mayonaise sandwiches alone in a studio apartment where the only things covering his walls are his failures at life held up by the glue of his loneliness.

Anyway if you are interested in not laughing check out the trailer. If you would like a summary of the trailer here you go: Steve Carell does things loudly and obnoxiously to the point where you want to rip off your arm and beat him with it.

The only redeeming factor is Anne Hathaway (Agent 99) is all kinds of sexy. My conclusion on ‘Get Smart’: my head gives it a thumbs down, my weiner gives it a thumbs up.


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