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LA Times Reports: Teens Not Buying CDs

The LA Times also discovered, water is wet, and that Arrested Development is never, ever coming back to television. In a recent survey of almost 5,000 Teenagers, 48% of them had bought no CDs in the year 2007.  It was recently announced that iTunes has become the No. 2 Music seller in the country, with Wal-Mart at #1, its no wonder I’ve seen so many record stores closing in my area.

It’s sad, I loved going to a record store, but the prices have always been (and sometimes still are) ridiculous, and unfortunately, moving to the internet is the only way to change with the times. In fact, Sam Goody still owes me 10 bucks for a preorder I made that never shipped, course their Chapter 11 now, so they can keep my 10 bucks, they need it more then me. The next need is to get these people getting their music online to pay for it, because despite this shift from buying CDs, only 29 million bought their music online, legally.

How do you get your music?

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  1. Like I am with DVDs, I’m a CD man. I don’t like buying music on iTunes. I like to have something physical to show for my purchase. Plus, artwork is still a big part of the album to me, so I can’t see shifting away to digital.

    But I’m getting old now.

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