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Maxim Magazine Eats Crowes

Put your helmet on and sit down because this may blow your mind: Maxim magazine is not the place to go for journalistic integrity. The magazine has come under fire from The Black Crowes and their management for issuing a review of the band’s upcoming album, ‘Warpaint.’ The problem? Maxim magazine gave a mediocre rating (2 and a half stars out of 5) to an album it couldn’t have listened to in its entirety because it was not available at the time.

Maxim editor James Kaminsky admitted to the mistake and the magazine issued an apology to the Crowes and the readers of the magazine. In his apology he noted that the album should not have had a rating due to it being a preview instead of a review. They had only heard a few tracks.

The saddest part of this story? Maxim magazine will probably have lost out on the chance for this year’s Pulitzer Prize and this is probably the most attention ‘Warpaint’ will probably get.

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