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Look at me I’m “Living Lohan”

In the latest step towards more cashing in and begging for attention, celebrity mom Dina Lohan has decided she doesn’t get enough. Looking to mess her 14-year old up to by signing with E! Entertainment for a reality series starring her and daughter Ali.

The show will follow the pairs move from Long Island to Las Vegas, where Ali will record her debut album. Producer Andrew Jameson told Variety, “In the wake of ‘Hannah Montana’ hysteria sweeping the nation, the music industry is taking note of that market, we thought it would be an interesting storyline for a TV series: What is it like for a 14-year-old to be a VIP in a hotel and record and live there?” Are. You. Serious?

If the premise wasn’t disgusting enough, the show will also follow their 11-year old son Cody. You figure if Dina doesn’t mess Ali up, there’s still an 11-year old rising, third times a charm right?


One thought on “Look at me I’m “Living Lohan”

  1. That’s a fantastic idea, tapping the market of what 14-year olds will do in extreme situations. Reality TV, you’ve done it again.

    I’m assuming the “click” was the sound of the gun in your mouth?

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