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Kunis Ready for Some ‘Payne’

Mila Kunis (who I have to be honest, has a bit of an irritating voice), has been cast in the latest video game adaptation, Max Payne. Kunis is known for her work on Fox’s That 70’s Show, and Family Guy.

The film stars Mark Wahlberg as the title character, and is directed by John Moore. I have some high hopes for this one, as the story told through the game is incredible, and I’ve always thought has been ripe for adaptation. The biggest problem when it comes to video game adaptations is it never attracts the greatest talent (read: Uwe Boll). But I’ve never seen any of Moore’s work, so, but I liked the look of The Omen remake (as far as what was told in trailers). The noirish, dark, haunting scenes are exactly what Max Payne needs.

I’ll be watchin this one closely.

One thought on “Kunis Ready for Some ‘Payne’

  1. All I can say is this makes me more excited to put together a piece about how they should just stop adapting video games into movies.

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