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Stallone Hearts ‘Rambo’

rambo4-photo-01.jpgI don’t have the energy for another ‘Rambo’ movie. Apparently Sylvester Stallone has nothing but energy. In a recent interview with Metro Magazine Stallone warned us that he was “already halfway though writing the manuscript.”

Sly also commented that it wouldn’t be another war movie (probably because that would just be rediculous and repetitive, and at least he knows when to stop … or not), he is looking to take his John Rambo character into another genre. I am going to suggest that he make this 5th installment a silent musical-comedy, but instead of a story about Rambo, he make it a story about robots that take over Earth and make everyone party with sexy alien women. I’d watch that with good old fashioned American pride. I think the only way another ‘Rambo’ movie would be enjoyable for us to watch, however, would be if we all got drunk before the movie and then didn’t watch it.


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