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Iron Maiden’s Greatest Hits Album for Free! (Kind Of)

IMAnd yet another band makes a digital decision. This time legendary metal troupe Iron Maiden has decided to offer their Greatest Hits album, ‘Somewhere Back in Time – The Best of: 1980-1989,’ for free through their official website. The downloads will be high quality audio files (WMA) of the 15 tracks on the album. The catch? Downloaders get the album for 3 plays and are then presented with the option to purchase the traditional DRM-free download of the album or the files erase.

Below is the track listing for the album:

1. Churchill Speech (0.49)
2. Aces High (4.36)
3. 2 Minutes To Midnight (6.00)
4. The Trooper (4.11)
5. Wasted Years (5.06)
6. Children Of The Damned (4.35)
7. The Number of The Beast (4.53)
8. Run To The Hills (3.53)
9. Phantom Of The Opera — Live (7.21)
10. The Evil That Men Do (4.34)
11. Wrathchild — Live (3.07)
12. Can I Play With Madness (3.31)
13. Powerslave (6.47)
14. Hallowed Be Thy Name (7.12)
15. Iron Maiden — Live (4.50)

This is another interesting twist on how the digital medium will effect hard copy sales as well as a potential way to thwart piracy. A common argument for illegal downloads is that the user is determining whether or not they are interested in spending their money on an album. Theoretically, this provides a solution to that by giving people a chance to listen to quality copies of the songs as well as an ample number of plays to make that informed decision. Let’s see if it works.

Click here to see Iron Maiden’s press release.

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