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Feature: Top 10 Worst De Niro Films

De Niro used to be my favorite actor, about 15 years ago. Let’s face it, the man hasn’t made a great film since 1995’s Casino and Heat.And many will toss out “Well insert movie here was pretty good.” Well, there are plenty of things that are pretty good. Campbell’s Chicken and Stars soup is pretty good, but if I went out to a 5-Star restaurant, and that’s what they gave me, I’d be pissed.

This is Robert De Niro we are talking about. The man was once one of the most important actors of any generation. I’d say he took bigger acting challenges than even Marlon Brando. But now…he sucks.

Here are the Top 10 worst Robert De Niro movies since 1995.

10. The Score – This movie sucked because of the potential that it had. Yoda (Frank Oz) has never really been considered a great director, and he proves it here. This movie had 3 generations of amazing actors in Brando (his final movie), De Niro and Edward Norton. The reason this movie sucks, is because it sets up the robbery for over an hour, then has the robbery happen for about 20 minutes and then just when the double cross goes down and everything is getting nice and tense, the movie ends. WTF!? This movie could have used another hour, seriously. I recently watched this again and felt the same letdown as I did when I saw it in the theatre.

9. 15 Minutes – Another yawn in my Robert De Niro nap. Here he is a cop on the brink of solving a case with Edward Burns as his partner, but the media keeps getting in the way. 15 MinTypical stuff here with even
Kesley Grammar chiming in as the sleazy news reporter. Blah Blah Blippitty Blah.

8. City By The Sea – De Niro is a cop who is trying to protect his scumbag druggie son. The only thing good about this movie is Francis McDormand, but mostly this just seems like something that would have
been played on USA’s Up All Night with Rhonda Shear in 1993. Minus any hot nudity.

7. Meet The Fockers – The best part of this movie is Dustin Hoffman, who is actually pretty funny. But man, please stop doing comedy Bobby. I understand an actor needs to stretch his legs a little, but Weeping Jesus…ENOUGH!

6. Analyze This – This movie had a few decent laughs, but wow, I never thought I would see Billy Crystal OUT ACT Robert De Niro. Harold “Eagon” Ramis must have had no clue how to motivate De Niro
because if the crying scene is any indication of how this movie would go down, I would have been better off whacking off for 90 minutes.

5. Analyze That – Holy crapola this movie blows. I didn’t think he could badly top his awful performance in “This”, but “That” really takes the cheese. I can’t wait to see “Analyze The Other Thing.” Actually, I can.

4. Godsend – The only thing scary at De Niro’s attempt at horror is how much the producers probably paid him to be in the turd. They should have kept the money and hired a better writer, or a scat fetishist to shit on the script.

3. Hide And Seek – De Niro wanders into horror territory for round 2. What a waste of time and hair dye for Dakota Fanning. Her teeth were actually pretty terrifying. Bobby…be a pal and go buy her some braces.285rockybullwinkle091107.jpg

2. Rocky And Bullwinkle – The thing that pisses me off the most about this movie is that I saw an interview with De Niro long before this came out where he refused to say the “You talkin’ to me” line from Taxi Driver out of “respect for the filmmakers and the image of the film itself.” Well, I guess when they pay you 10 million, respect gets flushed because he sure didn’t hesitate to take a giant dump on
the role that made his career. Numbnuts.

1. Showtime – The only good thing about this movie is that I was in Hollywood at the time it premiered at Mann’s Chinese Theatre and I saw Keenan Ivory Wayans go into it with his wife and kid. That actually gave me more laughs.

So yeah…what happened to this great man?? This guy gave us Travis Bickle, Don Corelone, Jake La Motta, Jimmy Conway, Sam Rothstein and on and on and on. Every actor has his hits and misses but JEEEEZZZZ….its been WAY too long since we have seen a movie worthy of his filmography. Sad…really sad. He’s not getting any younger, but sometimes, when I look up to the sky…I pray to whatever is out
there that something will light a fire under that withered old ass and he will want to act again…not just sign a paycheck.

18 thoughts on “Feature: Top 10 Worst De Niro Films

  1. So what do you think of DeNiro the director? Good outing with ‘The Good Shepherd’? Maybe he belongs behind the camera now?

  2. Spell checking and proper sentence structure are good things. You write like a 4 year old Helen Keller. Keep up the shitty work!

  3. Yikes…what did I spell wrong? I think I really hit one of Homer’s nerves with this article. Are you defending these crappy movies, Homer?

  4. I have to say I agree for the most part but I think ” Analyze This” and ” Analyze That”, deserve much more credit. Too say these movies were horrible is a big stretch. I found them both quite entertaining and funny. It;s true his better movies were earlier in his career, but I don’t think his last good movie was “Casino” and “Heat”. What was wrong with ” Wag the Dog”, or ” Jackie Brown”, ” Meet the Parents” was absolutely hilarious. I guess “Ronin” was crap too, right? You got to show De Niro a little more love. He’s been in countless good movies.

  5. I’d say, although he was in a supporting role, Cop Land is pretty brilliant film, along with Jackie Brown and Wag the Dog. Ronin was okay. I’d say since ’97 or ’98 he hasn’t really challenged himself as an actor

  6. I agree with you…I really do. Wag The Dog, Copland, even Meet The Parents on some levels were all decent films…but refer to the first paragraph of my article. DeNiro is like a 5 star restaurant, I don’t want decent, nor should I expect it from him. He’s better than decent. I know not all actors can churn out classic films one after another, but let’s face it…he hasn’t had a film worthy of his past in forever and for some reason, I have doubts that he ever will again.

  7. And I did find Ronin to be a very sub par action film. Also, no one will ever convince me that Analyze That was good.

  8. Ben, is a very good article but wtf with The Score in that list?

    So, The Bridge of San Luis Rey and The Fan (i have seen it and is not better) are better than the The Score, City by the Sea, 15 Minutes and Analyze This.

  9. DeNiro is harldy in The Bridge of San Luis Rey, and I suppose if I had written the Top 11 worst DeNiro films, The Fan would be included. And yes, I think The Fan is better than The Score. The Score sucked based on the wasted potential factor. You have DeNiro, Brando and Norton in a crime caper movie…should be awesome, right? Wrong. What we get is a so-so crime movie which freakin’ ENDS JUST AS IT’S GETTING INTERESTING! There needed to be another hour of that movie where Norton plans his revenge. All we are left with is a smirking DeNiro and a Norton that is like “Damnit…you’re good!” THAT is why its on the list.


  11. Well I am so very glad that you read my article AND bothered to pay attention. As it clearly states in the sentence RIGHT BEFORE THE LIST, the Worst DeNiro films since 1995. Before you criticize, get all the facts. Oh and also, I never put The Fan on the list…I simply stated that perhaps if I was to make a list of his 11 worst films, The Fan might be on it. Please READ an article fully, WIGGLES before you toss your asinine opinion at it.

  12. I understood what you’re talking about Ben. About Homer being a self-appointed spell checker, I had the same problem on another forum so you’re no alone. To coin a phrase from Bill Clinton – I feel your pain.

    By the way Homer this is an internet blog, not Miss Higgens grammar school! If we want to spell check our work we would run it through a word processor.

    Post something USEFULL about Robert DeNiro’s works on film.

    For me Raging Bull is one of his BEST!

  13. Righteous Kill sucked! God, that reminds me of something else. That Al Pacinos career’s going downfall too.

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