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‘Danity Kane’ Causes Ears to Protest

You can listen the entire Danity Kane album on MTV.com for free, which is probably the only way you should ever listen to a Danity Kane album. This is their second release, ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’, even though I didn’t know they had a first one.

To be honest I haven’t heard any of this album and I probably never will. Song titles like ‘Sucka for Love’ and ‘Is Anybody Listening’ rank amazingly high on my list of turn-offs. I will just go ahead and assume that their lyrics are about as well written as my text message suicide note of “C U L8R” would be, which is exactly what I would do if I ever had to sit through a listening of this album.


2 thoughts on “‘Danity Kane’ Causes Ears to Protest

  1. what would you rather do, listen to this, or watch Paris Hilton find Madagascar on a map, claiming she thought it was “just a movie.”

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