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Fincher Puts ‘Metal’ Up Your Ass

Heavy MetalDavid Fincher has just signed on to yet another project. This time the director will be helming an animated film based on the fantasy magazine, ‘Heavy Metal.’ Like the ‘Animatrix’ and the upcoming ‘Batman: Gotham Knight,’ ‘Heavy Metal’ will be a collection of 8 or 9 animated shorts based on or influenced by the magazine, which has been in circulation since the 1970s and is now owned and run by Kevin Eastman (if that name sounds familiar then we’ll do the secret Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fanclub handshake later). Each of the shorts will be directed by a different director and the film is being produced by Fincher, Eastman and Tim Miller, head of Blur Studios. Does this seem to be a new direction for animated features?

‘Heavy Metal’ will be R-rated and adult-themed.

3 thoughts on “Fincher Puts ‘Metal’ Up Your Ass

  1. The original Heavy Metal movie has only 2 good segments. Heavy Metal 2000 had NO good segments. I hope Fincher gives us something new and refreshing, that doesn’t go all Alien 3 on our asses. Ick!

  2. I know. I remember watching Heavy Metal back in the day and wasn’t too into it. But with Fincher helming, I’m definitely curious. Alien 3 aside, of course. Did you hear about the documentary on the making of Alien 3 for the DVD release that ended up cutting Fincher out of the behind the scenes stuff? About 35 minutes were taken from the doc. Basically Fincher went into how the whole project was doomed from the start with him coming in late to the project and having no creative control. The actors interviewed about Fincher were all sorry for him and stuff. Even the original title for the bonus disc documentary was telling. It was called “Wreckage and Rape: The Making of Alien 3.”

    This is slowly becoming its own article. 🙂

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