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‘The Low Dweller’ Picked up by Studio

Probably most if not all of the bloggers on LR.com would love to be in Brad Ingelsby’s shoes. The 27-year old’s script The Low Dweller was just picked up by Relativity Media, to star Leonardo DiCaprio, and be directed by Ridley Scott. The film is a dark drama that takes place in 1986. Slim, A man fresh out of prison discovers that his brother had been murdered by a gambling racket. Slim, the main character to be played by DiCaprio sets out to avenge the murder.

DiCaprio stars in Ridley Scott’s upcoming film, Body of Lies, and is currently shooting Shutter Island (known as Ashecliffe round these parts) in Boston.

Ingelsby attended the American Film Institute and returned to Indiana to write on the side. The Low Dweller is his first script, and his first sale. Congrats!

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