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‘X Files’ Trailer

The full trailer will be seen with the release of ‘Iron Man’ on May 2nd, but there has been some covert filming going on and we now have a bootleg version on line, complete with giddy giggling during the X-Files music.If my reaction to the trailer was a person, it would be a depressed emo girl that hates lipstick. It didn’t excite me.The trailer doesn’t give us too much about what the movie has in store other than Gillian Anderson gets some work again. Which is nice. She could use the money. Unlike me who has so much that I start every day by shooting hundred dollar bills out of a cannon.*UPDATE* New Official Trailer is Out

3 thoughts on “‘X Files’ Trailer

  1. Lonely reviewer, here’s the IMDB page for Anderson. It won’t stop you from making stupid comments, but whatever:

    The Smell of Apples (2009) (pre-production)
    No One Gets Off in This Town (2008) (pre-production)
    How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008) (post-production) …. Eleanor Johnson
    Untitled X Files Sequel (2008) (post-production) …. Dana Scully
    Boogie Woogie (2008) (post-production) …. Jean Maclestone

    Straightheads (2007) …. Alice … aka Closure (USA: DVD title)
    The Last King of Scotland (2006) …. Sarah Merrit
    “Bleak House” …. Lady Dedlock (14 episodes, 2005)
    … aka Masterpiece Theatre: Bleak House (USA: series title)
    A Cock and Bull Story (2005) …. Widow Wadman
    … aka Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story (USA)
    The Mighty Celt (2005) …. Kate

  2. I actually went to IMDB before I posted and was so unimpressed I was still compelled to write that. I mean, the key plotwords for ‘Straightheads’ are “masturbation” and “deer”. Besides, if you had to look this up on imdb to find out what she’s been in …

  3. Oh, you were “unimpressed with Emmy and Golden-Globe Anderson in “Bleak House” and equally unimpressed with “The Last King of Scoland.” And masturbation was the only key word you saw in the description of “Straightheads”? And you blog about films? Classy… Yawn.

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