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Tony Starks Loves Audi’s

Iron Man Audi
It looks like Mr. Tony Starks does not care about tasteful advertisement on top of not registering the “STARK” license plate first. In an effort to bring in more money Iron Man has teamed up with Audi to help both struggling enterprises. Audi is probably only worth a few billion and Iron Man will only make over a hundred million.

How do I get an Audi sponsor? I wouldn’t mind teaming up with them and getting a car that comes with a huge ball of fire. But no, they won’t. All I could get was a Hydrox sponsor. Come on, you know you love those sweet sandwiches made by Sunshine. If you say Oreo is better then I don’t know if I can argue with that much stupid. Hydrox … mmmm mmmm mmm … they’re cheap! And out of business. OK I totally made up my sponsor. I guess I’ll just have to go it alone… what’s that Audi? … Did you say something? … I thought you said something … no? … OK.

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