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Ray Romano Helps TNT Fill an Hour

romano_ray_320x240.jpgRay Romano, or “Ray,” and Mike Royce have signed on to create a one hour comedy for TNT, “Men of a Certain Age.” The show is about three life long friends in their 40’s going through a midlife crisis and trying to cope. It is unclear when the show will actually air, but it seems we would see it around the summer 2009 at the earliest.

I am assuming the main selling point was that TNT knows Ray Romano can sustain comedy for longer than a half hour. How else do you explain ‘Welcome to Mooseport?” You haven’t seen it? Oh you totally should. Ray Romano plays a supercyborg that fights communist Russia for control of the all the gold dubloons and the hand of the martian princess. OK I haven’t seen ‘Welcome to Mooseport’ either. I was going to, but decided to stay home and decide if Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew were people, which would be taller.

– Brandin

Dr Pepper would be taller, but Mountain Dew would be more athletic and probably own a pit-bull.

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