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New ‘Dark Knight’ Viral Event Under Way

The Dark KnightAs we reported earlier, the new ‘Dark Knight’ viral event seemed poised to rev up again with the mysterious website, Clown Travel Agency appearing, noting a 4-01 “Departure Date.” While it was speculated that this could be where the new trailer was appearing, it turns out the site was the starting point for a new scavenger hunt for all of the clowns out there.

I’m not sure where the events are leading (New trailer? Just a bit more fun until the film comes out?) but if you want to follow the action, there are sites out there doing a decent job of summarizing what has happened so far.

Check out the Clown Travel Agency to participate.

Or go to this site to read through what has taken place with the latest and greatest viral event so far.

Fingers crossed that this will ultimately lead to the next (and possibly final) trailer of this summer’s ‘The Dark Knight.’ It’s still somewhat early for a final trailer, but I can’t picture two big trailers coming out at this point (the film’s about 3 and a half months away from opening). Time will tell.

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