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Uwe Boll Won’t Quit for 18,000 People

In a recent interview with FearNet, Uwe Boll responded to a petition signed by 18,000 people, saying that would not be enough to get him to stop making movies. He did say, however, that a million signatures would persuade him to stop making movies(‘BloodRayne’, ‘Postal’,’ House of the Dead’).

I hope this doesn’t happen. Do I like his movies? No. Of course not, but if we can get one million people to petition for something, why not make it something more worthwhile? Why don’t we get people to petition to bring back Abraham Lincoln? How cool would that be? And everyone that signed the petition gets to have him over for a dinner and game of wiffle ball. What? We can’t bring back the dead even with a petition? Why you un-American communist! And after all the log cabins he built for this country, this is how you repay him? Come on Lincoln, it is obvious we’re not wanted here.

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