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Uwe Boll Likes Talking

After a rant in which the great director (minus the “great” plus the “wretched”) Uwe Boll decided to attack Michael Bay, Eli Roth, and George Clooney, each responded. Well, each except George Clooney who was too busy hanging out with attractive woman to notice the comments:

Michael Bay –

I find people who rant like that – calling shit about both me, and George Clooney – comes from someone screaming because he is not being heard. He is obviously a sad being.

When you ask “do I care”? Not in the slightest.


Eli Roth –

That is just further proof of what a genius Sasha Baron Cohen is. That’s his best character yet!

I like how Michael Bay signs his name “M.” It’s a statement signature. The only person of note to ever have a first name beginning with that letter. You know the moment you see a stand alone M, Bay is involved. Heavily involved. And so are 360 shots and at least 78 explosions. Would I call Bay a hero? Yes. The greatest hero maybe to ever live. The type of hero that sweats sexy from the pours of his cool denim skin. I think we should build a life sized 90-foot statue of him and erect it outside of Hollywood, then watch him blow it up. Awesome. Click. Boom.


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