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Reitman Turned Down ‘Justice League’

Jason Reitman announced during an appearance on the Howard Stern Show that he had turned down the possibly budgeted $150 million dollar ‘Justice League’ film.

Jason Reitman“What am I going to do with Justice League of America? So Basically I’ll make a movie that is not as good as X-Men, then I’ll be the guy who made a movie not as good as X-Men. Where just like you talking about, going to smaller stations, if I make another small movie, and it’s really good, it performs well…”

Reitman has seen increased success on both his films, ‘Thank You For Smoking,’ and ‘Juno,’ and it seems his interests are to continue to make small films to great success. It’s an honorable decision. Though I’m not a fan of ‘Juno,’ I do think Reitman is a talented individual and I’m extremely interested in seeing what he may have up his sleeve.

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