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Austin Powers 4… Yeah baby?


Boston.com is reporting that not only is there a possible ‘Austin Powers 4’ movie in the works, but none other than Tom Brady’s girlfriend Gisele Bundchen is being considered for the female lead.  Bundchen has reportedly already been given a script and will soon meet with author and star Mike Myers and director Jay Roach.

Bundchen has in ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ and the Jimmy Fallon movie ‘Taxi.’  (She played a supermodel in both.  What were you expecting, that she’d play a nuclear physicist?)

While the Austin Powers films seemed to suffer from the usual sequel film problem of diminishing returns, will this large amount of time between films allow Myers the chance to bring back the franchise?  Do people still care about Austin Powers or does it just remind them of 1997?  Is Mike Myers still relevant as a comedic actor, or is he just the guy who does the goofy voices for animated movies?  Hopefully, Austin Powers 4 will answer all of these pressing questions.

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