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‘Indiana Jones’ Runtime

Indiana Jones One Sheet
Apparently Spielberg is a master at keeping his upcoming movies in the news with ridiculous information. Just released is the runtime for ‘Crystal Skull’ and it is about 140 minutes! Man that’s exciting stuff. So now you know if you have time to watch this movie, or if you will have to reschedule your Pilates class.

So basically all I need to do to stay relevant is give approximate runtimes for things I do? That’s an easy way to grab a little bit of that thing we call fame. I’m starting now:

Approximate time for me to karate chop to death this 75 foot bear that’s running around the office: 1.8 seconds. That’s right, we are so tough here that we let giant bears roam the offices at the lonelyReviewer world headquarters.  That only sounds dangerous to you because you don’t have killer flameshooting hands that are the size of small minstrels like me.

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