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‘Poak Chop’ Saves Music

Finally someone has come along to undo the damage The Beatles and Stevie Wonder did to music. Sure we have all eaten pork chops and ham, but have we ever thought about shaking them. Pssh! You wish you had the genius to shake them. But you don’t. It takes a true virtuoso heshe to truly bring music to the future. From such subtle beauty in a jaw line as strong as an ox, ‘Poak Chop’ was created. My penis is confused. It just looked up at me and threw its hands up and shrugged, then went back to bed to try to forget this traumatic experience.

I dare you to not tap your foot to “shake your poak chops, work your hamhocks.” If you don’t bob your head to this song at least once, then you may be dead. This is exactly what George Washington had in mind for this country when he founded it back in 1983.

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