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Mortal Kombat and DC Comics Universes to Collide

In the future, universes will merge! Dogs will be playing with cats, and DC Comics characters will be fighting Mortal Kombat Characters.

Announced by Midway at a press event in Las Vegas on Thursday, a teaser was screened for those in attendance. The team writing the story of the game are comic writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray.

Citing their wishes to start with a clean slate every console generation, their not only going with a new engine, but a whole new story mode. The familiar characters will battle in 3D arenas, with the ability to throw each other off buildings, through buildings, and while falling from one arena to the next. Also, ‘Klose Kombat,’ a up-close fighting mechanic with damage, torn clothing, and bruising.

The only four characters announced at the event are Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Batman, and Superman.

I have honestly not been into fighting games since Mortal Kombat II (and all other fighting games from that generation), though, I have to admit, Street Fighter 4, and this have me extremely interested. Perhaps it was my inability to remember more codes then back, back forward…though, without that, the button mashing does tend to get very boring. I’ll be willing to give it another shot in my adult life.

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