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Downey to Cameo in ‘Hulk’


‘Incredible Hulk,’ director Louis Leterrier announced at the New York Comic-con that Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark will appear in the movie in a cameo. Stark is reportedly shown walking into a bar to talk with General Ross about his ‘problem.’
Downey stars as Stark in the upcoming movie ‘Iron Man.’ Reportedly, a new trailer for the Hulk movie will show with ‘Iron Man,’ which opens May 2nd.

Honestly, I’m more looking forward to ‘Iron Man’ and less than the ‘Hulk,’ but I really like the way that Marvel is combining their universe of characters.

3 thoughts on “Downey to Cameo in ‘Hulk’

  1. now if they could show Wolverine grabbing a drink with Spiderman while Jean Grey makes out with Cyclops, my life would be complete.

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