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Joey Fatone to Join ‘Circus’

Former N’Sync and Dancing With the Stars runner-up Joey Fatone has signed to serve as the ringmaster for a new NBC reality series called “Celebrity Circus.”

Joining the ‘Circus’ with Fatone will be Christopher Knight, Rachel Hunter, Antonio Sabato Jr., Blu Cantrell, Janet Evans, and Wee Man of Jackass fame.

The show will be premiering on NBC June 11, 9:30pm. It will be focusing on celebrities as they attempt the high wire, flying trapeze, and fire dancing. After training on the stunts, the contestants will perform their acts and face the verdict.

Reality shows are one of those things that never cease to cause me to shake my head. However, the new Paris Hilton reality show My New BFF still takes the award of most disturbing premise.

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