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IFFBoston Kicks Off!

The Independent Film Festival of Boston kicked off this evening without a hitch (other then starting a bit late, but understandable, some planes need a bit of extra runway just to get off the ground). With 98 films, the organizers are calling this festival the best yet.

It’s hard to disagree, with notables like Sir Ben Kingsley coming out, its safe to say Boston is out of the doldrums as far as anyones concerned.

The fests’ opening evening featured the East Coast Premiere of Transsiberian, and had director Brad Anderson, Writer Will Conroy, and actor Sir Ben Kingsley in attendance. The house was packed, with the line to pile in snaking completely around the Somerville Theater.

If you’ve been paying attention to our coverage, you’ll know there is a diverse, wide array of films in this years festival. Check back here for reviews as they come in!

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