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Bill Cosby Joins Comedy Documentary

Bill CosbyRobert Townsend’s upcoming documentary ‘Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy’ just got a good snag: Bill Cosby. Cosby is a legendary comedian whose television show, ‘The Cosby Show,’ ran for 8 seasons and was consistently top rated. His comedy styling was very clean and focused on family and raising children. Cosby joins Chris Rock, Steve Harvey, George Wallace, Paul Mooney and Katt Williams in Townsend’s film.

This will be particularly interesting as Bill Cosby has been outspoken regarding certain aspects of black comedy (notably featured in Eddie Murphy’s stand-up comedy concert, ‘Raw,’ where Murphy recounts a phone call he received from the Cos telling him to stop swearing so much). I’m definitely curious about this. So far the only thing really holding me back from seeing it is Katt Williams.

Check out the article here!

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