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The Mummy 3 Poster

mumm3post.jpgTeaser poster for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emporer, has appeared across the internet. As you can see, it shows a rather rotting fellow eroding off the poster.

There ain’t too much one can say about this film other then Rachel Weisz isn’t coming back for it, and really, it’s probably one of those films that they could named anything else, since historically, films in the Mummy franchise don’t take place in China.

I can hear the meeting, let’s skip the character development. How? Tie it in and use the characters from The Mummy remake, those guys are lying stagnant, why not make some money off it?

2 thoughts on “The Mummy 3 Poster

  1. Jet Li?!?! Come on, man. I was all ready to pretend that The Forbidden Kingdom didn’t exist thanks to stuff like Fearless. Oh Jet. At least he’ll be able to run acting circles around Fraser.

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