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Brand Spankin’ New Indy Trailer!

It’s about time, but with only a few weeks to go…here is the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer. I’m likin’ what I’m seeing, and there are a lot and I mean A LOT of cynical people out there who like to rag on every single tiny detail about this flick. It’s almost as if they feel like they’re going to transform into an 8 year old as soon as the movie starts. Not gonna happen. What is gonna happen is that you will be seeing an new Indiana Jones movie at the current adult age that you are and you can either be a prick about it and harp on every stupid little thing you see. (Indy’s hat isn’t brown enough…his voice sounds cracked, I don’t like Shia’s shoes) or you can just pay your damn 10 bucks, sit back and watch a MOVIE, cuz at the end of the day…that’s all it’s gonna be. Remember…you’re not 8 anymore and you can understand that Indiana Jones is not a real guy. So just have some fun with it, for Christ’s sake! Here’s the new trailer!!

3 thoughts on “Brand Spankin’ New Indy Trailer!

  1. Couldn’t agree more. While I certainly find that the whole Hollywood-summer-blockbuster-model deserves some scrutinization the level of cynicism against certain films seems unlimited. It’s not like I.J. was ever meant to change the world. The three earlier installments are [for the most part] just about fun, fun and fun. There’s no deeper mythology or philosophical meaning to the series as a whole.

    It is meant to be pure escapism in the tradition of the high-adventure-serial-movies. And it works perfectly on this level. This is George Lucas fantasy handled by the other bearded-one. I seriously can’t understand how this can be anything but great!

  2. I love the music and his VO in the beginning there’s just something about that ominous theme and Harrison Ford’s voice that gets me everytime.

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