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‘Anchorman 2’ In Two Years … Let’s Do It in Two Years

The legend of Ron Burgundy was not sufficiently told in one installment.  There are plenty more cameos and quotes to fill up a second movie.  Or, at least, a few more dollars to be made.
Adam McKay told Collider, “we’re going to do it, for sure.”

I am of the opinion that maybe we don’t need another ‘Anchorman.’  Will Mr. Ferrell be able to hold my attention in two or three years?  Maybe what we really need in this time of uncertainty is a person willing to tackle the issues, a person that won’t fold in the face of danger, a person who has lungs made out of rocketships and teeth crafted from the strongest prepositions the English language has to offer, and I think I am that man.  I am more than that, actually.  I am a man that bowls flaming violas into a pen of nudity with Jesus and that guy from ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.’  I am also a man on his 10th coffee of the day and has already mooned everyone at Lonely Reviewer twice in the past hour.  What was I talking about?  Oh yeah.  Free Shemp!

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