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Scorsese’s ‘Wolf’ Howls Again

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio Well, according to an odd German interview with Martin Scorsese, the man himself finally breathes life back into an exciting former project of his, The Wolf Of Wall Street. Of course, armed with the bulletproof Leonardo DiCaprio, Wolf tells the story of a womanizing, coke snorting, fast talking 80s wall street guru who made a fortune on the market before the age of 30, only to self destruct and have it all come crashing down through ties to the mob and the FBI on his tail. This may seem like sort of familiar rise and fall territory for Scorsese, but who cares? These types of stories are solid gold to him and no one knows how to document someone’s life imploding that Marty himself. He is a master craftsman at showing a person living the good life only to F it all up in one grand finale of sex, drugs and self
loathing. Frankly, I’ll be first in line for this. Can’t wait to see the supporting cast!

Here’s the interview….translate it at your own will (unless you speak German).

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