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Megan Fox Greatest Actress Ever

Megan Fox 1
So these pictures surfaced of Megan Fox showing us what a real actress does. She gets all kinds of naked in a lake and wins awards for it. Awards that make her the greatest human since Jesus. Even Jesus is up there looking down saying, “Oh Megan, nice one!” then gives her a thumbs up and high fives his Dad before going back to playing GTA.

Now I’m not sure the proper response to these shots. I think my penis may put on a tuxedo and throw a big gala event for this occassion. Inviting the stars to a lavishly decorated gold room where wine is served out of diamond gobblets. An event where my penis will, at the end, give a speech about how Megan Fox saved Earth from ugly. The crowd knowingly nodding and applauding throughout the 75 minute presentation, after which a curtain is raised and Megan is standing there shivering in her nudeness as the attendees errupt into applause.

OR I may just mention that it looks like she has some happy trials going on. I haven’t decided yet.

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