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Murphy to Reprise Axel Foley

bevcop.jpgSo bringing back Indiana Jones is the same as bringing back Axel Foley right? Paramount must thinks so.

Eddie Murphy approached the studio with the idea of dusting off the Detroit detective and bringing him back for a fourth outing. The first Bevery Hills Cop came out in 1984 and was directed by Martin Brest, the second by Tony Scott, and the third by John Landis. The studio has tapped Brett Ratner to direct the fourth.

If Ratner does sign on, I never thought I’d say this, but Beverly Hills Cop IV seems like its his M.O. It’s not quite a buddy cop picture a la ‘Rush Hour,’ but not far off. I’m seriously not a Ratner fan whatsoever, but a cop film that takes place in SoCal could be the one thing he’s good at (I say that with caution).

The studio is aiming to start shooting in 2009, with a Summer 2010 release.

One thing to everyone involved, don’t even THINK about updating the theme song.

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