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Ratner Eyes Video Game Adaptations

This doesn’t help my video game adaptations need talent argument, but apparently, Brett Ratner has been expressing his interest to adapt video games to features.

Ratner told Variety:  “The games business is much more exciting than the movie business right now…I will be doing movies that come from videogames.”

His new “Brett Ratner Brands,” business has access to Activision games. His new company did the recent Guitar Hero ads that parodied Risky Business with American Idol finalists David Cook and David Archuleta.

Let’s just hope he does good with whatever he gets his grimey hands on.

3 thoughts on “Ratner Eyes Video Game Adaptations

  1. ‘Doesn’t help’ your video game adaptations argument? ‘Doesn’t help’ your video game adaptations argument? Are you kidding? It blows your theory to hell.

    That said, I did kind of like Ratner’s ‘After the Sunset’ in a ‘Saturday Afternoon Sweetness’ kind of way.

  2. enough of the hatin’ on the genre! it’s only a matter of time, I’m telling you! Bioshock, that will be the breakthrough!

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