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‘Dolemite Explosion’ Trailer!!

Oh snap. For the past few years, there’s been this sense of a void in American cinema. Like, movies are good, but we’re missing our epic tale. Our triumphant cinematic masterpiece. The story that needed to be told. Rudy Ray Moore heard the call. And thusly, he brought back his greatest character, Dolemite. Oh. Yes.

Dolemite is back in ‘Dolemite Explosion.’ I mean, that title alone should be enough to slap your ass into a theater seat (or on your couch for the DVD or possibly in your office chair for its YouTube release). I know I was burned with ‘Shaolin Dolemite,’ one of maybe three films that I just turned off in the middle, never to return. This seems a return to form for Dolemite. He’s got guns, pimps, hoes and apparently the same powers as Emperor Palpatine. Hopefully he raps about the Titanic in this one, too.

I don’t know when this is coming out (the trailer seems to lack “information”). Hell, it could already be out. But all I know is that Dolemite is back!

Queen Bee says watch this!

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