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Egoyan to direct ‘Seven Wonders’

ed Atom Egoyan will be writing and directing a new romantic fantasy for Universal callde “Seven Wonders.”

The film is about a woman named Pandora who, following a failed relationship, she becomes consumed by a relationship between a commercials director, and her boyfriend. Following the pair as she shoots commercials at the Seven Wonders of the World.

The story recalls an older film by Egoyan called “Calendar,” which shows a relationship told through the twelve months of the year as a photographer photographs twelve different church’s in Armenia for a Calendar. It’s possible that because the two women in ‘Seven Wonders’ meet online, that the interactions could only be in the main characters imagination.

I’m a big fan of Egoyan, and I love ‘The Sweet Hereafter,’ and ‘Felicia’s Journey.’ The exotic locales featured in this film could make it likely that the budget would be higher then his previous films.

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