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Bond Comes to Blu-Ray


High Def Digest is reporting that MGM/UA is prepping six James Bond films for Blu-Ray DVD this fall, in anticipation of the latest movie, ‘Quantum of Solace.’

The films set for the high-def upgrade are, ‘Dr. No,’ ‘From Russia With Love,’ ‘Thunderball,’ ‘Live and Let Die,’ ‘For Your Eyes Only,’ and ‘Die Another Day.’

Wait, ‘Die Another Day?’ Really? That’s the best you can do? ‘Die Another Day?’ The one with an invisible car? Aaaaagggghhh… I mean, hell, why not rush out ‘Moonraker?’ Sweet Jesus, why? At least it’s a start.

For me, the James Bond series is cinematic comfort food. I know every line and every scene, but love them dearly. The Bond enthusiasm is running especially high at the moment, as it’s the 100th birthday celebration for Ian Flemming, creator of Bond. There’s the new book and the upcoming movie. And Daniel Craig has probably been the best Bond since, dare I say it? George Lazenby.

No matter what the movies are, I know I’ll buy them. Yeah, I’m a sucker. -Sam

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