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Three Cool Movie Blogs

It seems that nowadays everyone keeps a blog. Vatche does. I do. Your mom does.  (OK, maybe not your mom.)  And while Lonely Reviewer is still the perfect place to check out for movie news, information and commentary, here are a few others that are taking the art of film appreciation to a higher level.

Bloody Blood

As described they say on the site, Bloody Blood is ‘dedicated to the art of the trailer.’ And not just any trailers. Horror films, B-movies… All get the love and respect that they have vied for all this time. What I like best is the fact that the site is kept and run by people who truly enjoy these films, despite their sometimes ridiculous plots and acting.

Film Walrus

The Film Walrus is a blog dedicated to movie reviews, with special emphasis on foreign, cult, noir, art house and horror films. (With special mind paid to the Italian giallo genre.) One of my favorite recurrent features is titled, ‘Hall of Strangeness,’ which is just what it sounds like. Pages upon pages of strange, forgotten movies that have been dusted off, and given the love that they perhaps have been missing out on for all these years. I came across the site during a particular nasty obsession with Italian horror and this site fixed me up real good.

The Criterion Contraption
Matthew Dessem had a dream. He wanted to learn more about foreign film and some of the obscure movies being released on DVD seemingly every week. He figured that a good place to start for a solid education in the underappreciated films would be the vaunted Criterion Collection. So that’s where he started. At spine number one. Matt has been reviewing each Criterion movie, in order of release. And he doesn’t just watch them and write a review. He watches all the extras, watches the movie again, and then does some research. So not only are you getting a review, but you’re also getting some really cool behind-the-scenes info. Check it out. -Sam

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