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1st Pic from ‘Ashecliffe’

Okay…I know this isn’t exactly earth-shattering, but it looks like the first pic of the newest Leo/Scorsese opus has been released.  This pic shows our good ole’ DeNiro substitute Leonardo DiCaprio holding a shotgun behind a fence, looking for God knows who.  The film is still being called Asheclliffe, which I really hope reverts back to shutter Island.  I mean, why would it stay Ashecliffe?  The book is freakin’
titled Shutter Island, and it is so much more of a spine tingling title than Ashecliffe.  I honestly don’t understand why Hollywood always insists on screwing around with stuff when it is perfectly fineunscrewed.  Let’s hope this is just the Blue Harvest of Scorsese films.  Anyway…kinda cool pic for a hopefully very cool movie.


Source: The Boston Herald

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