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Roth to ‘Lie to Me’

Brian Grazer and Sam Baum has convinced Tim Roth to grace our televisions with his presence.

Roth will be making his debut on a new one-hour show on Fox called “Lie to Me.” The show aims to air early next year, with Fox signing for a 13-episode commitment. The show, written and created by Sam Baum is about Dr. Cal Lightman, a scientist who pioneered the field of deception and detection. A human lie detector, he can read the human face to uncover to truth in criminal investigations. However, this skill complicates Lightman’s other relationships. The science in the show is based on the real life work of Dr. Paul Ekman.

This will be Roth’s first regular TV series role, and the first TV work he’s done since his early career (he appeared on various British TV dramas).

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